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Charles Odii is the founder and executive director of SME100 Africa, an organization that “inspires, empowers and equips young entrepreneurs and Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Africa by providing: access to finance, access to markets, access to inspiring networks, capacity development, and access to information”.

Charles holds a BSc in Management Information System from Covenant University and an MSc in Marketing and Communication from Pan Atlantic University. He cut his teeth in business development, working at Rocket Internet, before moving to Red Media Africa where he was Chief Operating Officer.



Charles Odii is involved in financial inclusion and economic mobility for Women in Africa. He advocates for policies to end domestic and sexual violence against women. He has trained 100 survivors of domestic and sexual violence and has helped them get access to finance and successful start businesses. He is the founder of Read more


Yearly, Charles and his team go across Africa, looking for young entrepreneurs under the age of 25 who are doing phenomenal things and contributing to socio-economic development. Providing them with access to finance, access to market, capacity development, mentors and networks. This is an entrepreneurship leadership program he started Read more

Think Tank

Charles Odii is the founder of the Lagos Small Business Summit (LSBS). An annual gathering of government, academia, small business owners and the private sector to foster conversations and advocate for policies encourage the growth of small business. This is a Nonpartisan/Nonprofit Tink Tank centered on small business policy, advocacy and research endorsed by the Lagos state Government Read more

100Club Africa

Charles is the founder of 100Club Africa – An entrepreneurship club. He teaches entrepreneurship to teenagers in secondary schools in Africa through 100Club Africa for teenagers: alongside finding out how to start out early in life. These teenagers acquire practical skills, a positive attitude, a greater awareness of society, a sharpened appetite for active engagement, new competencies and confidence to play a part. Read more

21 Questions on Entrepreneurship

21 Questions on Entrepreneurship by Charles Odii is a book on entrepreneurship that teaches practical steps to starting and running a business. The book answered with details that help clarify concerns on issues like funding, taking risks, startup resources as well as providing the reader with templates on essentials like business plan, entrepreneurship check list, choosing the right location and coping as an entrepreneur.

In this compilation of responses to “Ask Charles”, an Online mentoring session by Charles Odii, Founder of SME100Africa. SME100Africa is a social enterprise founded to ensure young entrepreneurs in Africa succeed regardless of their socio-economic background. Charles Odii has delivered a well thought out, comprehensive and useful guide for today’s entrepreneur in Nigeria.

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